Fat Sheamus Productions

Sheamus's Services

  • Basic Pricing for Personal and Commercial Video and Editing

    For coverage of commercial projects, shows and non wedding events. These fees apply to set up and shooting time, as well as re-editing and refining a project.

  • Wedding Packages

    A plan for every budget.  Our packages boast the best value in New England!

    All choices include 5 DVD copies and a digital version for long term storage.


  • Aerial Footage

    Video and Photos taken from our DJI Phantom.

    Note: The fees represented apply to the footage taken by the camera that is attached to the drone, and not the actual piloting of the drone its self in compliance with FAA regulations.

  • Live Show Coverage Packages

    We offer special deals on the recording and post production of stage performances!  You name the performance, and we'll see to it that it gets archived.

  • Advertising

    Looking to sell a service or product?  You have DEFINITELY come to the right place!  From snappy visuals to catchy sloagans, we cover a wide variety of local advertising.

  • Weddings

    We take great pride in our wedding coverage, providing multiple camera angles to capture every important detail.  Photos may be grand, however, video lets you re-live everything.

  • Events

    Have a reunion, party, gallery unveiling, or festival coming up?  Let Fat Sheamus Productions archive every great moment through extensive coverage from multiple perspectives.

  • Live Performances

    For all venues, large and small, our coverage of shows is unparalleled!  We cover everything from from School plays to Massive Headliners!

  • Shea's Performance and Voicework

    If extra voices and bodies are needed, my team and I are as talented in front of the camera as we are behind it.

Basic Pricing for Personal and Commercial Video and Editing

Basic shooting Editing and post Editing and post for footage shot by outside sources Travel (outside of ten miles from the greater Portland area)
$40/hour $30/hour $50/hour $0.68/mile

Wedding Packages

Basic Raw Footage of ceremony and reception from one or both cameras Raw Footage + Ten Minute Highlight Reel Stand Alone Editing Package using footage shot by outside sources Complete Shooting and Editing Package with fully authored DVD's featuring interactive menus Travel out side of 10 miles from the greater Portland area

One Camera $650

Two Cameras $700

One Camera $800

Two Cameras $850


One Camera $1,025

Two Cameras $1,075


Aerial Footage

Footage and photos acquired from 1 flight.

Approximate flight time, 20 minutes.



Live Show Coverage Packages

Basic Coverage

(raw footage)

Editing and Post (optional) Pre/Post show Documentaion Travel  (outside of 10 miles from the Greater Portland area)

One Camera $75.00

Two Cameras $125.00

Three Cameras $175.00

One camera footage 50.00

Two or more cameras 125.00

20.00 per hour $0.68/per mile



For your business, nothing sells a place or product better than well placed sounds and visuals.  From comedy to heart felt seriousness, we have a style to suit all needs and budgets!


For Weddings and special gatherings, the things that shape our lives and stay with us forever. These are what should be immortalized in the most clear and vivid way possible. Because of this, I don't just archive what happens, rather, I do my best to make them look how you want to remember them. The joy, the excitement, the beautiful spontaneity of life as we know it. This is what I proudly strive to capture. I tend to be less intrusive than a lot of wedding photographers in that, A: I don't demand that every one move where I want them to, and B: I hide artfully near, but manage to stay out from under foot. As silly as this sounds, they are two main reasons why my work on these projects has been so greatly appreciated.


From Mitzvahs to the Old Port Festival, we have experience in covering any event, no matter how crowded, crazy, or wild it gets.  We strive to capture, not only the perspective of the focus point, but also the view of the onlookers and guests to create a perfect documentary experience.

Live Performances

Using advanced sound capture and upwards of three cameras, our coverage of live performances is absolutely the best one can get for the lowest prices offered by any professional. 

Shea's Performance and Voicework

Though I have been briefly featured on Conan O'Brien, I have been obscurely hopping on and off stage for most of my natural life. As I have gotten older, my looks have faded, and I have become more of a clown than a leading man, however, no matter what my title, I will always enjoy the creative arts in all of their forms.  My assistants and I offer experienced voice work, performance, and even dance when needed.