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Fat Sheamus

With a lifetime of experience, Shea Murphy has been shooting and editing video since his father forgot to lock up the camera one day when he was 7.  Since then, he has produced countless entertaining and informative videos.  Along with the assistance of his wife, Venus, and his childhood friend, Briana, he continues to create productions and memorable documentaries for any one who asks.

The Business

For all of your Videography needs. Fat Sheamus Productions utilizes 1080 Hi-Def resolution to make your presentations sharper and brighter than ever before.

For Events, Weddings, games, gatherings, the things that shape our lives and stay with us forever. These are what should be immortalized in the most clear and vivid way possible. Because of this, I don't just archive what happens, rather, I do my best to make them look how you want to remember them. The joy, the excitement, the beautiful spontaneity of life as we know it. This is what I proudly strive to capture. For Advertising: Nothing sells a place or product better than vivid colors that fill a whole widescreen television.  For Live Performances: Theater Companies, Musicians, Dance Recitals etc. We understand that a lot of work goes into what you create. It is important that the finished product be preserved. Not only can I make sure the best, and most intimate views of your show get captured at the best angles possible, I can also, through a great deal of creative editing, create a DVD to rival any professional recording of a Broadway stage production. Want to create a music video for your band? Your imagination is the limit with what we can achieve to accompany your tunes. For Presentations: Power Point can only get you so far. To really WOW investors, business partners and coworkers, you just cant beat a sharp, living representation of what you are trying to achieve. Fat Sheamus Productions prides its self on creating the most professional, and informative displays at the most reasonable price for any size business.

The Equipment


Fat Sheamus Productions utilizes several cameras, including two Canon XH-A1s.  We also offer the smooth areal shots offerred by the DJI Phantom2 Vision+



For on the go field recording, we utilize a ZOOM300 dual mic recorder compatible with nearly any external sound board be used at any function.  We also come equipped with remote button clip mics for those intimate speaking moments.


Our primary editing software is a combination of Sony Vegas Pro 12 and HitFilm 2 Ultimate.  These highly adaptive pograms allow for completely open ended options for effects, as well as being compatible with nearly every kind of video format.